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Dr K. is a project dealing with different thematic approaches to the relation Human-Perception-Culture. The starting point is the story of Dr Konstantin Raudive’s attempts to break the boundaries between the living and the dead. Raudive made more than 70.000 tape-recordings claiming he was communicating with voices from the other side. Each performance begins with a theatre play of approximately one hour, where two directors and four actors work with Raudive’s methods, alongside other texts and material.

The interesting thing with Raudive’s techniques is that the communication with the dead becomes secondary; it is the means and the process of understanding that is in focus. The recordings are just part of the process for him to tune his own perception. The reason we use the theatrical performance as an initiation for the audience, is to make sure we create some kind of common reference and understanding of the main topic, i.e. perception.

From this we create an eight-week programme including a multitude of visiting artists, researchers, philosophers, workshops, seminars, lectures, film showings, etc. The perspectives vary, but also interwine throughout the process. Our aim is to create a space of accumulation and exchange based on knowledge and interpretations on the subject of human perception. With the intention of keeping the process in a continuous change, each night will present a unique selection of guests and co-producers sharing and discussing thoughts, theories, experiences and impressions. Some guests are only performing once, others are performing for a few days, and others again might come back several times.

The programme will be arranged in collaboration with a number of different institutions and departments, e.g. Uppsala University and The Royal University of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Apart from the theatre stage we intend to communicate the process through other media, such as television (tv-tv in Copenhagen) and the Internet.


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