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From Konstantin Raudive (1971): Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead, p. 140f:

There is [amongst the recordings] an interesting statement to the "anti-world":

"Raudive, Antiwelten sind." (39r: 027)
(Germ. "Raudive, Antiworlds exist.")

It is perhaps of interest to mention here the theory of the American physicist, Dr. Leon Ledermann (Columbia University, New York). He has attempted to prove the existence of the "anti-atom" and "anti-matter", and believes that an "anti-universe" exists as a counterpart to the "real" universe in which we live.

Current scientific opinion does not altogether accept the possibility of existence outside the four basic aggregate states known to man. The fourth - previously thought of as an impossibility - was discovered only a few years ago, when the solid, fluid and vaporous forms were joined by the plasmic one. However, physicists are now discussing a fifth possibility: the neutron-state of matter, which has been described by the physicist, Holger Ess in an article appearing on 13th February 1966 in the Braunschweiger Zeitung, No. 12.


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